artist’s statement

About me:

What interests me? And why would my interests and art pursuits interest anyone else? What is the value of beauty? What is genuine and authentic? These are “art questions” that loom either in front of me (or behind me) whenever I’m working on art. I come from a background that is half art and music centered and half hillbilly. I am somewhat sophisticated and somewhat illiterate. I admire and envy people who are well-read, and who know architecture and music. On the other hand, I almost instantly recognize allusions, patterns and parallel meanings. I easily memorize people’s eye color.


About art:

Truth in art is good, and it is easier to tell the truth with art than in day-to-day life. Beyond maintaining a roof over your head and getting food on the table, out of all activities we have the privilege of choosing from (such as: gardening, friends, family, cars, sports, real estate, cleaning things, exercise, learning a foreign language, acts of charity, cooking), the absolute, hands-down most interesting and compelling for me is seeking out art and the challenge of making art. Why? Genetics? But it’s probably as simple as this: We generally do more of what interests us and we invest more time in activities where our chances of excelling are best.




University of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Brooklyn Museum Art School, Max Beckmann Scholarship recipient



2016       Mundane Architecture, Artspace1616, Sacramento, California

2016       Small Works Show, Hammerfriar Gallery, Healdsburg, California

2015       Who We Are, Hammerfriar Gallery, Healdsburg, California

2015       Like Nothing Seen Before: Collage and Assemblage Today, Chroma Gallery, Santa Rosa, California

2015       Metamorphosis: The Art of Change and Rebirth, Chroma Gallery, Santa Rosa, California

2013       The Male Figure: Form & Expression, Sacramento Temporary Contemporary Gallery

2013       8th National Juried Exhibition – Juror’s Award, Axis Gallery, Sacramento, California

2013       Summer Show, Hammerfriar Gallery, Healdsburg, California

2012       Facing Forward, Hammerfriar Gallery, Healdsburg, California

2011       Frontburner Phantom Art Space, Windsor, California

2011       Summer Show, Skinner-Howard Contemporary Art, Sacramento, California

2011       Valentine Show, Skinner-Howard Contemporary Art, Sacramento, California

2010       Spring Show, Gallery 9, Culver City, California

2009       Mahoney Library, Santa Rosa Junior College, Petaluma, California



Doyle Collection, Frank P. Doyle Library, Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, California

University of Sioux Falls, Sioux Falls, South Dakota



Studio Four Magazine, Winter edition 2013

Next Door Magazine, September 2010 edition, pg. 43, illus.

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